5mm Diffused RGB LED

RGB 5mm Diffused LED 5-Pack (Common Cathode)

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Technical Specifications
Current: 5-25 mA
Diameter: 5 mm
Polarity: Common Cathode
*(Ground Shared)
Voltage: 2.0 V
Voltage: 3.1 V
Voltage: 3.1 V

RGB LEDs let you create full color displays, like pixels on a TV screen.

Common Cathode (i.e. Ground shared among all colors) diffused LEDs are perfect for your next project, especially when paired with shift registers.

The good thing about diffused LEDs is that they are much more pleasant to look at, not to mention have a wider viewing angle. This makes them great for illuminating other objects like translucent plexiglas or paper. Don't forget to pick up 74HC595 Serial-to-Parallel Shift Register 5-Pack if you want to create an animated LED display!

These LEDs also come with our free wiring guide to help you get started immediately.

Our free wiring guide for LEDs