L293D Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver Shield Breakout Module NodeMCU ESP8266

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This is a high power dual H-bridge for robotics and control applications using your NodeMCU board. It also acts as a breakout for NodeMCU signal pins.

It has a voltage regulator for the ESP8266 chip to ensure 3.3V operation when supplied by up to 9V on the Logic Power input.


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Locator R26
Weight 1.00 oz
Control Input Current 0 to 22mA
Control Input Voltage up to 9V
ESP8266 Logic Power 4.5 to 9V - built in voltage regulator
Full H-Bridges 2
Max Output Current 1.2 Amps per H-Bridge
Motor Voltage 4.5V to 36V
Output Channels 2 DC Motors or 2 Stepper Motors and 2 Servos