8 Channel 240V 2A Solid State Relay SSR Module AC DC Arduino Raspberry Pi

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This is a 8-channel solid state relay (SSR) for AC power that can be controlled directly via a microcontroller.

This device has a 2A resettable fuse to protect against overload conditions. Microcontroller inputs are isolated with an input transistor and opto-isolation that activates the switch on a LOW input signal with almost 0 current from your microcontroller!

SSRs are great because they do not have inductive switching noise from a mechanical switch and do not wear out.


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Locator O08
Weight 2.90 oz
Channels 8 Mosfet controlled Opto-isolated for protection
Relay Control Current 20-30 mA
Relay Control Voltage 0 to 5.0V directly via microcontroller (Arduino, AVR, PIC, ARM, BoardX, Raspberry Pi, MSP430, etc)
Relay Max Switch Current 2 Amps AC (resettable fuse)
Relay Max Switch Voltage 240 Volts AC