16 Channel 250VAC DC 10A Relay Module Board Shield Arduino Pi 5V Optoisolated IO

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This is a 16-channel AC/DC power relay that can be controlled directly via a microcontroller. Inputs are opto-isolated to protect any delicate control circuitry.

Logic power is regulated to 5V for direct MCU interfacing.


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Locator O16
Weight 10.00 oz
Channels 16 Opto-isolated for protection
Relay Control Current 20-30 mA
Relay Control Signal Active Low - connect control inputs to logic 0 to switch on
Relay Control Voltage 5V - 12V (digital IO regulated to 5V) directly via microcontroller (Arduino, AVR, PIC, ARM, BoardX, Raspberry Pi, MSP430, etc)
Relay DC Max Switch Current 10 Amps DC
Relay DC Max Switch Voltage 30 Volts DC
Relay Max Switch Current 10 Amps AC
Relay Max Switch Voltage 250 Volts AC